Best 5 Automatic Photo Editors review

Millions of people all over the world communicate through visual content to build their businesses, tell stories, and exchange their ideas. Taking photos is one aspect but to display, edit and share them in a presentable way is more important.

Now, it is quite easy to click your photo by using an online automatic photo editor or photo enhancer and get results by removing some of the imperfections and specs. Automatic photo editing software deals with many flaws. Why don’t you go for it?

When you are using automatic photo editors, you can adjust colors and shortcomings with confidence without a lot of expertise and you will get overwhelming results.

If you want to display images online, many photo editors contain a variety of tools to adjust them. Now, editing photos doesn’t need complex processes, advanced knowledge, or expensive software.

The top 5 best automatic photo editors are shared here for your convenience and to make it easy to choose.

Top 5 Best Automatic Photo Editors

1. VanceAI

VanceAl is a free automatic photo editor that gives a new life to your photos. VanceAl probes your photos within seconds allowing you to adjust brightness, white balance, contrast, saturation, blurriness, and saturation.

Image editors change the pixels to enrich the image quality in all ways. These pixels help to improve the quality of the image.

It has a package of high-end filters and tools for example color brush helping to work on specific areas.
You can alter your curves and levels without complicatedness, which is an ideal way for photo restoration.

It’s a batch processing tool, an automatic photo fixer with a unique quality that handles a pile of photos and filters in one go. So, once you have come to know this automatic photo editing software, you will never use a complex manual retouching system.

Moreover, VanceAl photo editors give a new look to your photos.

Through a simple click, the resolution and size of the photos can be enhanced by VanceAl Image Enlarger. Smaller images can be changed into bigger ones freely.

VanceAl is used to enhance the quality of a given photo through high-resolution results.



  • Automatic photo editing.
  • Multiple features.
  • Software is not heavy.


  • It can be buggy sometimes.

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2. Photoworks

Photowork is a photo editing software for PCs that run on almost every Windows and it supports layers, special effects, unlimited undo with Al technology.

It uses a wide variety of tools with automatic editing software. It allows you to change images, pixels, illustrations, text, and pictures.

This photo editing software provides the facility to change colours or causes colour change altogether in a great way by keeping the balance, exposure setting, and lighting correction.

There are many specific features of this automatic photo editor e.g powerful tools, special effects, layers, etc. It is very easy to use.

You can access online tutorials for guidance. By clicking just one time, the Photoworks editor works intelligently to correct the colours of your photos within a moment. You can save a lot of time in this way.

It is also helpful to work on portraits especially on group photos that require a different procedure to deal with it.

By using convenient sliders, it works on retouching very effectively, giving it a final touch.

Photo editors are really helpful to smoother the skin, whiten the teeth, and erase scars. The facial editor helps to nip models’ facial features like eyes, nose, etc. Auto image processing technology removes or blends unnecessary elements magically.

Photo Works


  • Friendly user.
  • Many tutorials and DIY videos.
  • Simple interface and many functions.


Layers would be appreciated.

3. Auto Photo Editor

Auto photo editor is one of the best automatic photo editors for advanced photo imaging. It provides us with image enhancing tools that are there in the premium version.

It provides a variety of smart selection tools by picking fixing tools and custom brushes that help to work on selected tasks such as photo retouching, image authoring, brightness, style, contrast, and image composition and has many powerful tools to be used in photo retouching programs.

Luminar 4 uses Artificial intelligence algorithms to do automatic photo editing and provides natural results in seconds.

The advanced scripting interface enables it to do every task from simplicity to most complex image manipulation procedures. It handles landscapes and portraits very effectively with different retouch adjustments.



  • Variety of tools.
  • Excellent image editing tool.
  • Large variety of attractive filters


  • Requires a lot of space.

4. Canva Photo Editor

Canva auto photo editor that edits a portrait, selfie, or product by using powerful editing tools.

You can use tons of different features like crop photos on social media, rote and flip photos, adjust exposures, contrast, shadows, whites and blacks, tint, vibrant and saturation, retouch, add stickers on photos, etc.

You can remix your photo to the perfect image and with a single click, you can remove the background and develop a realistic effect.

By using this photo editor, you can develop professional photos. You can select a few of your favorite frames, add some stickers, apply your favorite effect and share it.



  • Edit photos online.
  • Create a color palette.
  • Insert links in the design.


  • Vector making and animation video making are absent.

5. Pixlr

An online automatic photo editing software and obtains several photo-sharing services and photo editors. It is a cloud-based set of image editing tools.

Pixlr has a modern technique for a quick fix, a system with tricky icons and drop-down menus, and is more suitable for non-professionals.

When all work is done, you can save your work on the hard drive and can send it via mail. Both Pixlr X and E are AI-powered online photo editors and photo-sharing services that help you to get the final result with a single click.

You can remove the background and can create a transparent image. Photo editing features enable us to get to the next level of results.

If you want high-quality work for sharing your images, you should go for it. It can be used on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.



  • Very easy to use.
  • Background remover and color replacer.
  • Social media-friendly.


  • Some tools can be sometimes slow.


Automated is the best solution to get the amazing transformed photo and has made it easy for us to edit our photos according to our needs and wants. It is always necessary to keep in mind the quality of the photos it provides. Time to try it out!


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