Top 5 AI Stencil Maker Review

Are you tired of your regular plain photos? Want to convert your regular photos to something exciting? Well, a Stencil maker is a tool you need! You can now transform your photos into sketches and so much more! AND all it takes is just 5 minutes!

You can post your groovy transformed pictures on your social media account or may even convert your friend’s good photo scary just for fun!

This article contains a review of the top 5 best stencil maker tools. Not just that, it will also make you know how to turn a photo into a line drawing! READ BELOW!

Top 5 AI Stencil Makers

1. VansPortrait

VanceAI Sketch Converter uses artificial intelligence to transform photos into line drawings, stencils, and caricatures within five seconds. Begin a fresh adventure with an AI picture outline maker, which can turn photo into line drawing and sketches that seem like they were created by an expert artist. Instantly convert a picture to a line drawing and enjoy the transformation. Go try it out NOW!


• Fully automated
• Best results
• Easy to use

• The number of images that can be transformed free is limited

2. Stencil Creator

This stencil creator program is a little more creative. It’s especially effective at replicating photos into classic styles, and it’ll show you a so many different styles to choose from when you upload an image.
With a single click, you may select any design YOU WANT. You may also look at the pre-made photos on the exhibit. Aside from that, you may alter the style you’ve previously picked by mixing and changing the colors. Check it out NOW!

Stencil Creator

• Many exciting features
• Ideal for transforming images into well-known artistic styles
• Free for all.

• The picture should be smaller than 2 MB.

3. Photo2Stencil

This is another software that is well-suited to a variety of tasks. This stencil creator is set up to create 1-layer or 3-layer stencil designs that can be placed on top of one another.
Aside from that, the stencils they make are SVG documents that are ideal for laser cutting and other related operations. The greatest photos to upload are the ones with a plain background and good lighting. Try NOW!


• Uses laser cutting technology
• Super quick to use
• Free for all

• Not suitable for all pictures

4. Befunky

BeFunky , regardless of being just an online stencil creation tool, has a fantastic feature and functionality because it provides a pretty decent designer. You may use this tool to do a variety of picture modifications other than the stencil art.
BeFunky allows amazing picture modification because this software is entirely AI-based, you can add stencil elements to a picture by just clicking on them in the editor. It’s that easy to use so do give it a GO!


• Amazing editing facility
• Uses AI technology thus giving amazing results
• User-friendly

• No unlimited free use. Paid versions start from $4.99


The picture adaptability of the online stencil creator is rather excellent. When it comes to uploading, it accepts all file types. Additionally, the photos displayed should be under 5 MB in size and have a quality of 1200×1200 pixels.

Even if a picture surpasses it, the picture is dynamically resized by the stencil creator. Since the tool is built on AI, you can anticipate the computation to be quick. Go to its site NOW!

Aiportraits Online

• Super quick to use
• Free for all
• Compatible for all images

• It’s preferable to use tiny, basic pictures


All these various kinds of tools for making stencils indeed convert your boring photos exciting and fun. Whether you want to post the pictures on your social media accounts or make a funky one of your friends just for entertainment, these tools are perfect to meet all your requirements!
Visit the websites now and enjoy your experience!

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What is the best free online stencil maker?

There are many online stencil maker tools and one line drawing generator. However, some are paid, and some do not provide high-quality results.

VanceAI is the one that provides high-quality transformed images using its AI techniques. It is totally automated and quick, hence, does the work within seconds. It is the best in terms of being user-friendly!

How can I convert photo to stencil?

• Simply open any photo to stencil converting website
• Select the image you want to convert and upload it on the site
• Set the desired settings and options
• The picture will be ready in a few minutes
• Download the transformed picture and ENJOY!

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