Best 5 Tools to Convert AI to JPEG

Adobe products are the top choice for pretty much any kind of image editing work. While that is reasonable, users often end up having issues with the image file format. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or even After Effects have their own formats, which is not feasible to use in most platforms. With that said, we bring you a list of the best five tools that you can use to change AI to JPEG. These tools will convert AI to JPEG in a very short time while still maintaining the original quality of the image. Read on to find out their features and also how to convert an AI file to JPEG.

Best 5 Tools to Convert AI to JPEG Review

1. Convertio

Price: You can easily convert AI to JPEG online with this tool for free. Though, you will need to purchase at least a $9.99 per month plan for additional features such as batch processing.

Convertio is a really great multi-purpose application online as it can convert AI to JPEG as well as countless other file formats. Upon clicking the file format option, you will see a huge list of other available formats that you can work with. These formats not only include image types but also presentation, video, archives, and more. Also, you can add your file through many means. You can either upload it directly from the device or through Dropbox or Google Drive. The application processes the images with decent speed too.


It supports a whole list of file formats.

UI design is good.

Easy to use online tool.


Limited features.

The paid packages can be better.

Quality can get a bit worse.

2. AnyConv

Price:  Similar to the previous application, this AI converter to JPEG tool also grants free conversions. Besides, it does not have paid plans or anything similar.

AnyConv shares many things with the previous application. First, you can convert AI to JPEG and many other file formats with this application online. You can convert audio files, e-book files, as well as document files. Since this application is based on AI and similar technologies, you can expect quick results that are also accurate. Apart from that, this online tool also offers you enough privacy and security on your files. Thanks to its security protocols, all your files will be deleted from their servers after an hour of upload. Therefore, with this tool you can expect quick, safe, and accurate performance.


Offers decent security to images.

It has an easy to use UI design.

Quick drag and drop image features.


It takes time to process complex images.

Conversions are a hit or miss.

Not many features.

3. MIConv

Price: You can easily change AI to JPEG formats with this online tool for absolutely free, no matter what kind of file format you are dealing with.

MIConv is an online application developed by a couple of programmers that lets you convert AI to JPEG with most convenience. Apart from that, you can also convert a huge list of file formats that range from images to CAD. Not to mention that you can also deal with GIS and Mesh files, which is not found in majority of conversion applications. When it comes to the usage of the online tool, it is pretty much the same as other applications. It is an automatic AI converter to JPEG tool that only requires you to select the original file format and the format you need to convert to. You will usually get your required image in a few seconds after upload.


It arguably has the highest number of file formats available.

Works automatically.

An easy to use online tool.


The Mesh formats could use improvement.

Images get erased just after two hours, which can be inconvenient sometimes.

Maximum size is 75 MB, lesser than other applications.


Price: You can convert AI to JPEG with this tool for free but only for a limited amount of uses. For more access, you can start by buying the $6.99 Light plan that grants unlimited conversions.

With this online tool, you have the extra benefit of being able to do OCR with your documents. It does that with good enough results and multiple languages too. Regardless, you can convert AI to JPEG easily by using this application and also dabble in documents, audio, video, and more. Not to mention, this application also allows you to do some basic image editing such as cropping, rotating, merging, and more. It is an automatic image processing tool, which only requires you to upload an image and wait. Otherwise, you could also drag and drop a file. The paid options will give you access to unlimited conversions, no advertisements, and higher storage limits.


Has multiple different features.

It is easy to use.

Quick processing.


Less file formats than others.

Limited amount of free use.

Results can vary.

5. GroupDocs

Price: This application allows you to convert AI to JPEG for absolutely free of cost with no paid plans whatsoever. Users can also access the source code.

One of the advantages of having this application is that it works perfectly well across different browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and even Opera. Uploading files is also easy, as you only have to upload the image or simply drop it on the upload box.


Provides source code.

Absolutely free to use.

Multiple file formats.


Not many features.

Takes time to process.

Results can vary.


In this guide, we have all of the best tools that you can use to convert AI to JPEG as well as other formats. All of these tools are automatic, so you won’t even need to worry about how to save an AI file as a JPEG. The tools will provide you with the results. So, you can start using these tools without a second thought. Choose them according to your preferences and needs by checking out the tools’ features, prices, etc.


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