How to Unblur an Image – Best 5 AI Tools to Instantly Unblur Image

When you are preparing a product photo for eBay or Amazon using your smartphone or a camera, a common problem is that the photos you capture become blurry and need to be fixed. In fact, there is a universal need for image unblur. Perhaps, you were taking photos of your dog catching a ball but the results you get were blurry. Or, you and your best friends were blurry in a photo taken at a birthday party. Knowing how to unblur an image is better than throwing the blurry images away.

before and after image from vance ai image sharpener

These images become blurry due to several reasons like camera shake and shooting with a low ISO or low light. Before sharing them on Instagram to increase engagement, you need to find some ways to unblur photos. Thanks to the advance of AI technology, we no longer need to correct the focus manually. Before you trash the blurry pictures you captured, read this review for best 5 tools to unblur image effectively.


Top 5 AI Tools to Unblur Image Review

1. VanceAI Image Sharpener-Unblur Image Online

VanceAI Image Sharpener is an AI-enabled tool to unblur image online in one single click. It uses sharpening algorithms to automatically remove out-of-focus blur, artifacts and halos.

Learning to distinguish the detail and blur in images is a challenge for AI but VanceAI made it. Based on deep learning and AI technology, the AI tool for unblurring image tops most of its rivals when it comes to the output quality. Read our full review about VanceAI: How to Sharpen Image with VanceAI Image Sharpener

vance ai sharpen official website


  • Flexible pricing
  • Provide batch process feature for paid users



How to unblur an image with VanceAI

  • Drag & drop an image to this online tool
  • Click “Continue” and “Start to Process”
  • Wait a few seconds before AI unblurs the picture automatically

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2. Topaz Sharen AI – Unblur Photos Automatically

Price: $79.99

Compatibility: Windows & Mac

Topaz Sharpen AI excels at fixing camera shake, focus issues, or general softness. With this AI software, you can unblur image in a few clicks. Topaz Sharpen AI comes with stabilize module and sharpen module, which make it possible to fix motion blur and correct pixels of focus blur. The crisper results you can expect from this AI comes from the AI model which was trained with millions of images. But the downside of the software is clear: the pricing is much above the average on market.

2. topaz sharpen ai


  • Unblur photos by fixing out-of-focus issues
  • Remove artifacts and halos 


  • Above average pricing

How to unblur image with Topaz Sharpen AI

  • Upload an image to Topaz Sharpen AI
  • Move slider to adjust sharpness and noise suppression level
  • Save the result to your computer


3. Easy Photo Unblur

Price: Starting from $24.99/personal

Compatibility: Windows

Unblurring misfocused images can be as easy as a few clicks once you try Easy Photo Unblur. The software claims to use artificial intelligence algorithms to detect motion blur and out-of-focus blur in your images in a smart way. It adopts deblurring algorithms based on Fast Fourier Transform instead of using common filters. Another great part of this AI tool is that you can fix Gaussian blur to revert text images.

3. easy photo unblur


  • Fix motion blur and misfocused blur
  • Support batch processing


Not available for Mac OS


How to unblur image with Easy Photo Unblur

  • Hit “Add File” button to upload a picture.
  • Click “Run” to unblur picture in one click
  • You can refine the results by changing the smoothing radius and detail level


4. Blurity – Unblur an Image on Windows

Price: $99/single computer

Compatibility: Windows

Blurity is a software that helps remove motion blur and focus blur using “blind deconvolution” technology. No matter if you are removing blur from an image of a birthday party or your pets, Blurity can be an effective tool to help you out. The software is free to use but the results you get will have a watermark. To get rid of it, you need to make a subscription.


  • Unblur pics effectively
  • Easy to use


  • Show watermark
  • Cost more than other products

How to unblur a picture with Blurity?

  • Download and install the software for free
  • Upload a blurry image to Blurity
  • Select the region on the image to unblur and click “Process”
  • Save the unblurred image to your computer



5. Unblur Image Online with an AI Deblurring

Price: Free

Compatibility: Online

AI Deblurring allows you to unblur image online in one click. Using Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN), this AI helps remove blur and level up the image quality automatically. It’s simple to use. Free users can use it to unblur any images less than 2500x2500px. You won’t see an annoying watermark on the results.



  • Unblur photo automatically
  • Unblur photo for free


  • Fail to unblur image occasionally
  • Not that effective in unblurring image
  • Show ads on website

How to unblur an image online

  • Upload an image less than 2500x2500px to this AI tool
  • Click “Deblur Image” to unblur it
  • Save the result to your device


Final Thought

Crisp and clear images are essential in many cases, especially when it comes to putting them on your website or eCommerce platforms. With 5 best AI tools for image unblur, I hope you can unblur an image for clearer and crisper effects effortlessly. Hope you find this review useful. You can also check out more tools here: Top 5 AI Photo Enhancer Review 2021.


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