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Regardless of your personal or professional reasons, in this article you will find out which is the most efficient method in terms of quality and time to erase background. If you want to eliminate the background from an image, you need to install a program like Photoshop or Corel PaintShop Pro. Way too complicated. However, a free background eraser tool has appeared. can be used for personal matters, but you can also use it for eCommerce photos when you are only interested in the product and nothing more. It is suitable for developers, photographers and for all online entrepreneurs. Check out more AI tools in: Top 5 AI Image Background Remover Review 2022.


How to Use this background eraser tool online & free

How to erase background in photo? Nothing easier. On the site, everything happens in real time thanks to an excellent graphics engine that, based on artificial intelligence, manages to erase background of a picture in over 100% of cases.removebg

All you have to do is upload the uploaded photo or attach its URL and, in a few seconds, site will help you to erase background from a photo and you can download it for free. This being said, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about using this background eraser.

Step 1

Acess website. Upload or drop a picture up to 12 MB in order to erase background. Make sure your file is in JPG or PNG format. The maximum aspect ratio is 6250 x 4000.

step one

Step 2

The speed of this background eraser is impressive. You can’t even count to 3, because you can already download the image. But the result is even more impressive. The first picture is the original and the second one is the same but without the background.



This software can erase background with such accuracy. The edges are perfect. Including the hair.  And this detail is very tricky.

Step 3

If you want to keep the transparent background, then you can download it. Keep in mind that if you need the HD picture, with an improved resolution, then you must sign up on It is free, don’t worry. In case you want to go further, you can edit the background. Follow the next step.


Step 4

At this stage, you can be creative. After the process of erase background, you can edit it keeping the foreground subject. The button is located in the right corner of the photo. You can add your own background, or you can choose one from the default images offered by this amazing background eraser. Also, you can blur the background or you can adjust the blurring level. Don’t forget that you can opt for a solid color too. After this, download the image.

step four

The result is so neat. This background remover is working at a high level of professionalism. Below, we will present other examples filtered through


The contour of the car is perfectly selected. What I like most is that the shadow of the car has been kept.





We love carrots but thanks to this program we love them even more. The edges of extremities are kept without any quality loss.

carrots before

carrots after

It is astonishing that with a single click you can erase a background. This program is extremely competent and you can easily see the seriousness with which the developers worked on it.


Features of


  • This background eraser can erase background in a matter of seconds
  • The background eraser is powerd by the latest AI techology
  • 100% accuracy, in most of the cases. Even challenging edges, like hair, and other tricky conditions are handled exceptionally well.
  • This background eraser has an available version for Android phones
  • You can remove background through a desktop version too
  • You can use this background eraser for free, but with some limitations ( you can erase background for 50 photos/ month at a low resolution but pretty good for personal use + you can download 1 HD photo/ month
  • The subscription is cost-friendly, suitable for any small or big online business
  • The right to privacy is respected; pictures uploaded are deleted in 60 minutes


I hope you learned new things and the tutorial on how to erase the background helped you. As you realized, is a very simple online service and desktop software with which you can erase background for any image you have. Usually to remove the background from an image you should have some knowledge of Photoshop or another complex editing software. With this background eraser tool, you solve much faster and without too many hassles. It is not surprising that this free background eraser is one of the most popular. This program does not make promises in vain, but really keeps promises. The results are amazing and you have to convince yourself of that. What are you waiting for?

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