How to Increase Resolution of Image with Let’s Enhance

Until a few years ago, you couldn’t increase image resolution and at the same time keep the quality or, more importantly, to improve it. Now, thanks to artificial intelligence you can increase the resolution of a photo, without losing details. On the contrary, the quality will increase considerably.

Let’s is an online tool that does this. Its performance is amazing, so you can print the processed photos, without any doubt. It can be used for e-commerce and real-estate fields. Of course, this service can also be used for personal purposes. You can increase the resolution of images taken with the phone, or maybe you found a beautiful but small image on the internet and you want to enlarge it to use it as wallpaper. Whatever your reasons, this tool is extremely vital for those who want to save and reconstruct a photo with poor quality, for those who want to increase resolution of image.


How to Use Let`s enhance

With this awesome and useful tool you can increase photo resolution online, fast and automatic. The result is absolutely remarkable and I recommend you to convince yourself by trying this software. You can use ”Let`s enhance free” plan ( up to 5 credits/ 5 photos) , in order to see if Let`s enhance meets your expectations. You don’t need to install any adjacent software because all the magic happens online. The steps are extremely simple, taking into account the complex technology behind them.

Resolution illustration

# Step 1

Access Let’s website and create an account with your Google or Facebook account, in order to increase photo resolution online. You can increase resolution for free up to 5 photos.

# Step 2

Upload the desired image.

lets enhance

# Step 3

Unlike others increase image resolution tools, this online software is much more professional.  You can control many things. For example, you can upload either a photo or a digital drawing. Both have dedicated procedures. Select from the right menu the ” operations” option. In this case, I uploaded a photo. Make sure that you select the ”enhance face details”, if you have human subjects in the photo. Then select how many times you want to enlarge the photo ( 2x, 4x, 8x or 16x).

step 3

You can also opt for a tone or color enhance, if you feel like your photo needs. After you have made the necessary settings, click ” start processing”, in order to increase resolution of image.

# Step 4

After a few seconds, you can download the processed image from the bottom left of the page. You can save the result in a .jpeg or .png format.

step 4

To get a clearer idea of ​​the high capacity of this program, compare the initial image and then the processed picture. The initial photo has 600x 400 pixels (96 dpi) and as you can observe people’s faces are not sharp. Here is the photo:

initial photo

Certainly, Let`s Enhance is extraordinary and makes a considerable difference in terms of quality and resolution. You can increase resolution of image in matter of seconds. For this example, I chose to enlarge the image twice (1200x 800 px, 300 dpi) and selected the option to improve the facial details of the subjects in the photo. Here is the result:

processed image

Pretty amazing, right?

Features of This Product

  • Automatically increase resolution of image up to 16x
  • Improves the photo quality
  • The facial details of human subjects are reconstructed with advanced AI technology and 100% automatically
  • You can manually control many settings, but you can also opt for predefined processing presets which can make your workflow easier

ü  Processed photos can be printed because their impeccability is 100% guaranteedü  Optimizes low-quality images and resize them for specific devicesü  A vital tool for printing, e-commerce and real-estate and even for personal purposesü  The cost of a subscription is one that anyone can afford


Let’s really does magic through AI technology. It is a useful tool for all who what to increase image resolution. Besides the fact that you can save precious time, you can also save photos that have poor quality and low resolution. This software improves  a photography from A to Z.  What sets it apart from other similar tools is that you can decide how much to intervene the automatic improvement process in terms of color and tone. Your photos will look stunning and the best part is this automatic enhancement process is capable to remove noise and artifacts from a photo. Another unique element is that you have an option dedicated to digital art works. You can upscale image of your favorite cartoons, logos and any kind of illustrations and graphics. Also read: Top 5 Tools to Depixelate Image Online



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