Top 5 AI Image Upscaler Online Review 2022

Images are an important part of visual marketing. Creating engaging content can be easy with high-quality images. Unfortunately, in some circumstances, your images have a wrong size. You might think it is a piece of cake to turn larger images into smaller ones. But the challenge comes when you try to make small and low quality images larger with greater resolution.


Such process involves image upscaling. Traditional image upscaling technique allows you to make images larger but at the expense of quality. Thanks to the advance of AI upscaling technology and generative adversarial networks, AI image upscalers make it much easier to upscale images without losing quality. Here, I’ve selected 5 best AI image upscalers from dozens of image upscaling tools online. I am going to rank them based on their upscaling quality, available scales, ease-of-use, pricing, speed and other features.

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Featured AI Image Upscaler Online

Price: Totally free is a useful AI Image Upscaler for you to upscale images online. If you are looking for a free way to do the enlargement job, shall be your great choice.  You can rely on its AI algorithms to enhance your photo quality 100% automatically since they have been trained with millions of low-quality and high-resolution images.

VanceAI Anime Upscaler


  • Make small images larger while improving the resolution and quality
  • Enhance photo resolution by 2x without losing quality
  • Completely free to use


  • Only 2x upscale is allowed

Top 5 AI Image Upscaler Online Review

1.   icons8 – Smart AI Image Upscaler

  • Compatibility: Online
  • Price: $0.20/image; Subscription: $9/100 images/month

icons8 Smart Upscaler serves as your best image upscaler that lets you choose scale up to 8x. This AI upscaling tool claims to upscale your image using algorithms trained on 5 million images. I’ve test two small images (700x400px) and this AI image upscale tool does an amazing job in just 5 seconds. It’s quick to use.



But you only have 3 free credits to upscale image for free. Exceeding the limit, you are going to pay $0.20 as per images or subscribe monthly. If you want to upscale images for designing your website, blogs or social media content, this 4k image upscaler is worth trying out. It works best with vector illustrations and images with sharp borders and strong contrast.


  • Auto upscale images effectively, especially human eyes
  • One-click image upscale
  • Offer online and API service
  • Up to 8x image upscale
  • 4k upscaling is possible
  • Easy-to-use preview feature to compare before and after effects in detail


  • Limited free credits (only 3)
  • Fail to upscale blurred or pixelated images
  • Limit: Max 5MB, upscale up to 3000X3000px



  • Compatibility: Online
  • Price: $3/100images/month

Image Upscaler is another best tool for AI image upscaling. 4x image upscale online can be easily done with this tool. Based on Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN), the online image upscaler has the ability to identify the objects in your images and then draw the lacking pixels automatically to add more details.


No matter what your small image is about, you can use the AI image upscaler to upscale it. Greater effects can be seen when you use it to upscale logos, cartoon pictures, animes or any other synthesized image. The downside of this image upscaler online is that there is no option to choose the scale and the default is only 4x.


  • 4x image upscaling
  • An effective image upscaling tool for common design like website or blogs
  • Offer 10 free credits


  • Limit import size
  • Not suitable for high-end upscaling, say, printing

3. VanceAI Image Enlarger

  • Compatibility: Online
  • Price: 3 images for free/month

VanceAI Image Enlarger offers an AI image upscale tool for 2x, 4x, 6x, and even 8x image upscaling. Powered by AI technology, this image upscaler simplifies the process of image upscaling. All you need to do is upload an image and then let AI take care of the rest. More importantly, with this online tool, the images can be upscaled without quality loss.

VanceAI Image Enlarger


  • Easy and free to use
  • Choose 2x, 4x, 6x or 8x image upscale
  • Output high-quality result


  • Limited free credits (only 3)

4.   Deep Image AI

  • Compatibility: Online
  • Price: $9/100images/month

Deep Image AI uses new algorithm and Generative Adversarial Networks for AI image upscale. Similar to other AI image upscalers, Deep Image AI also allows you to realize 4x image upscale automatically. You can choose the scales like 2x, 3x or 4x. Deep Image AI offers more than that. You can turn on the options to “reduce noise” and “remove artifacts” for producing greater quality.


  • Scales are choosable
  • Polish up your images by reducing noise and removing artifacts with AI
  • Offer 5 images for free
  • Access API key
  • Batch processing
  • Flexible pricing


  • The limit of the image upscaled is less than 5000 x 5000 px (25 mega pixels).
  • Registration is compulsory


  • Compatibility: Online
  • Price: Free

This is a free image upscaler online that supports 2x image upscaling. Although it is only for 2x image upscale, Stockphotos AI image upscaler deserves a place on our list due to its output quality and simple interface. Together with Shutterstock, you can crop the upscaled image automatically to fit the need on social media, like Facebook and Instagram.



  • Free to use
  • Automatic 2x image upscale


  • Only support 2x image upscale
  • Not suitable for image upscale at printing level

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For businesses, Low quality and small-size images could undermine your brand. With AI upscaling tools in this AI image upscaler review, you can easily increase their size and quality in a few seconds. For those who opt for high-quality and 4k upscaling, icons8 and Deep Image AI are recommended. If all you want is a free tool without causing any cost, Vertexshare and Stockphotos deserves your attention. Apart from online image upscalers, you can also read Top 5 Best AI Photo Enlarger Software Review 2022 for software alternatives.


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