Top 5 AI Tools to Recolor Image

Wanna intensify the charm of black and white photos with the beauty of colors? Wanna rejoice in the old memories? All you have to do is to change the image color online!

AI photo editing is the new crop of photo retouching. With the robotization and stellar performance, it does save time and energy with no decline in quality. Just WOW!

Are you the one who loves to play manual editing? Well, it indeed is entertaining to change color of image online. It’s fun to experiment with different hues and alter them according to your preferences. So, this article is ideal because it will cover all tools, whether they are controlled by AI. To find out, keep reading.

Top 5 AI Tools to Recolor Image Review

1. VanceAI Photo Colorizer

VanceAI is a speedy yet most robust and insightful online tool to recolor images. With an equal opportunity for experts and amateurs, it’s worth a go. Hurry up and check it out now to colorize photos online!

VanceAI Photo Colorizer


  •  Free five edits per month
  •  Fully automated
  • Data is retained for 24 hours! So, if you lost the image, retrieve it online
  • Also provides a tool for photo restoration


  • Not free to use.
  • The bottom of the image is often under colored and dark
  • The pro package costs more than 19 US Dollars and the basic over 9 US Dollars.

2. Akvis

With this all-time real and supernatural image colorizer, upgrade your old family pictures or simply edit the colors to new shots to make them exquisite. It indeed is one of the best tools to recolor image online.
Check it out right now for a mesmerizing experience with a plethora of effects and extensive personalization options.

Akvis Coloriage

• Free 10-day trial
• Manual as well as automatic
• Vast color choices for selective desaturation and colorization

• It is resource-intensive
• Not totally free, payment plan depends on whether it’s for personal or business use
• Manual version is time-consuming and a little difficult for the novices

3. Skylum

This Al color changer is all you can dream of. Faster, formidable yet endowed with limitless possibilities. The great integration capabilities do provide value for your money. So, if you’re looking for a high-quality color changer, give it a try! You’ll undoubtedly enjoy it.


• One-of-a-kind filters with superb adjustment tools
• The user interface is quite appealing
• Newer updates are released on regular basis, thereby offering better opportunities

• Lack of stability hence tends to slow down at times
• No face detection and there’s no keyword tagging
• Takes a long time to export and save photos

4. Petalica Paint

This simple and useful tool allows you to add colors or even change color of image online. Did you know? It’s the best tool for enhancing and recoloring Manga! Choose this tool if you’re working in line art, you’ll be amazed by its automated and swift results.

Petalica Paint

• Totally free to use
• It’s very easy and quick
• Not only colorize but helps to finetune the images as well

• Perfect for magna but not so much for regular black and white images
• Limited filter options to choose from. There are just 3 availabilities
• Limitations in manual tuning

5. Lunapic

The tool works perfectly whether you want to change the colour of image or to intensity it by adding different shades. It indeed is the one-stop-shop for all. So, bring back the memories and unveil that charm. Check it out to enjoy the superb outclass services.

Lunapic Change Color

• Extensive range of fine tools, filters, and effects.
• Fast processing thus you can upload and change image color in a quick manner
• Online color changer

• The interface is not impressive
• Not automated. Requires manual work to get the desired results
• Skill demanding and time consuming


The mystic beauty and the purifying vintage of the black and white can even be made better with the hues.
Colors, after all, aren’t they lives’ loyalists?

The sheer number of available tools is indeed mind-blowing. The images have never looked better before. Thanks to these gadgets! So, rejoice and relive the moment now and choose the best tool to do the needful.

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How to recolor an image in photoshop?

If you want to pump up the hues and vibrance, Photoshop is right there to the rescue. Follow the steps to learn how to recolor an image

  • Open an image and click on the Hue/Saturation icon
  • Select the Colorize option.
  • Drag the hue slider. Adjust the saturation accordingly.

How to change color of image in illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator has always been working in close competition with Photoshop. It indeed is one of the best photo editors and color changer. You can easily change image color with these easy steps.

Start by opening the original image in illustrator.

Click Edit > Edit Colors > Adjust Color Balance. A pop-up window will appear. Adjust the slider to match the tone of your desired color.

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