Top 5 Best Image Rotators Review

A photo rotator is a tool that allows users to rotate images to a particular degree or angle. You can flip images vertically or horizontally and rotate images by degrees. You just have to upload your photo to the online website, move the slider to the desired orientation, and your beautiful pictures will be ready to download and share.

Best 5 Online Image Rotators Review

It is often observed that when opening an image on the desktop or after posting it on some online platform, it may seem slanted or upside-down. This is because the alignment of the image is due to the camera or cell phone used to take the shot. To adjust the image orientation in this scenario, online rotate the photo 90 degrees left or right with image rotators.

Image rotators are a fantastic method to make beautiful photographs without having to master specialized technology or photo editing skills. Cropping and resizing images, adjusting color and saturation, and adding effects and filters are all simple editing options.

Several image rotator options are available, including some free options that can help you save time when rotating photos. Here are the top 5 image rotators reviewed for you for your convenience.

1.   VanceAI image rotator

VanceAI image rotator

VanceAI provides strong AI picture enhancer solutions for online image quality improvement. VanceAI Image Rotator is well-designed and will help you straighten crooked lines and undesirable tilt.

With VanceAI Image Rotator, you can rotate images online with ease. Simply submit your photographs to their free image rotator and rotate them in any direction. Their online image rotator makes it simple to rotate images to correct alignment issues. All you have to do is upload a picture to their automated image rotator to get started.

You may rotate an image online to the left or right in seconds using VanceAI Image Rotator. You may also adjust the orientation by selecting any degree. You can also rotate your photographs clockwise or anticlockwise after uploading them in bulk. They will completely delete all of your files after 24 hours. Feel safe to use their photo rotator.


  • Rotate Image Online
  • Rotate Photo Free
  • Safe to Use
  • Bulk picture uploads
  • Able to customize the angle


  • There are no layers.


2.   Pinetools image rotator

Pinetools image rotator

Pinetools is an image editing software program with extra tools for picture enhancement. The clockwise and counterclockwise rotation of 90 degrees can be used to rotate pictures to 90 degrees.

Pinetools picture rotator has a free version that allows you to rotate images in your browser. You can rotate your images in a matter of seconds and upload them wherever you wish.


  • It is free to use
  • Simple to use
  • No sign up required
  • Vertical and Horizontal Flip Options are available.


  • No drag and drop tools are available
  • No Third-Party Integration


3.   ILoveIMG image rotator

ILoveIMG image rotator

ILoveIMG is a simple web tool for rotating pictures. With complete security, you can quickly access all of the tools you need to improve your photographs right on their website.

You can rotate many JPG, PNG, or GIF pictures at the same time. You may also rotate landscape or portrait photos at the same time.

Simply drag or upload the file to rotate the image from your google drive or Dropbox.


  • Vertical and horizontal flip options are available.
  • Various image formats are available.
  • There is Third-Party Integration from google drive and Dropbox.


  • It is not free. Sign up is required
  • The images do not Straighten Automatically.


4.   LunaPic image rotator

LunaPic image rotator

LunaPic is a handy online tool with several options. It is a completely free online photo editing tool. There is no need for the signup, login, or install. You may rotate the image as well as edit, crop, resize, and apply effects to your photos. You can rotate photos online and download them step by step using its capabilities. This program also provides free revolving graphics in your browser.

The rotated image can be downloaded and shared on any social media platform like Facebook and Instagram.


  • It is a free online tool
  • Simple to use
  • A comprehensive picture editing program with several features.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Flip Options are available.


  • No Drag and Drop Tools
  • The image does not Straighten Automatically
  • Adds frustration
  • The interface is complicated.


5.   ResizePixel


One functional internet tool that allows you to rotate your photographs is ResizePixel. It comes with free photo rotation in the Chrome browser.

When you upload photographs to the ResizePixel image rotator, it immediately brings you to the editor. You may rotate a GIF, PNG, WEBP, or JPG picture to the right or left by 90 degrees with ResizePixel’s free photo rotator online. You can also rotate the photo 180 or 270 degrees or clockwise and counterclockwise.

Upload the picture file to ResizePixel’s webpage to rotate it online. To acquire the rotated picture, apply the chosen choice of angle and go to the Download page.

They employ cutting-edge technology to guarantee that the photographs are securely encrypted and that they work well for the greatest user experience.


  • Free plan
  • Simple user interface
  • A user-friendly web tool with fantastic features
  • It is safe to use.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Flip Options are available.


  • It might be a little slow at times.
  • There are no layers.
  • It accepts a few photo file formats.
  • No Third-Party Integration



The most common reason for using an image rotator is to acquire a perfect alignment of your photographs. Perhaps you want to draw attention to an image, emphasize crucial things, and transform an ordinary photograph into something extraordinary. In case you are looking for an easy and quick fix to rotate photos online, the list above might help you decide which application to use to rotate photographs quickly, correctly, and with ease.


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